Starter Pack

€ 1000

  • With the starter package, you can start by attaching the activity meters to 3 animals.

  • The starter package consists of one gateway and three activity meters on neck-mounted collars.

  • Additional activity meters can be purchased if necessary.

  • The gateway contains a SIM card and does not require any additional systems or internet access.

  • Each gateway supports up to 100 activity meters. Additional gateways can be purchased if necessary. 

  • Depending on the operating conditions, an activity meter covers an average of 500 meters.

  • The activity meter is not affected by temperature, humidity, or water.

  • The activity meter offers uninterrupted estrus detection with a battery life of 5 years.

  • Designed with your animal welfare as our main priority.

  • Specially produced from parachute cord.

  • Does not wear out easily as it is manufactured to be durable.

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Farmers Experience

Mr. Cemal shares his success story after switching from traditional methods to Actimoo’s solutions

Cemal Aydilek

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