About us

Actimoo’s mission is to increase the number of calves to be born and the amount of milk yield; we provide farmers with user-friendly technology that they can install on their own and use to track their animals by themselves.

What is Actimoo?

Sustainable reproductive efficiency is one of the most critical issues in dairy farming. Having one calf per year from a cow is ideal; unfortunately, the number of newborn calves is much lower than expected. Effective and profitable breeding in businesses requires careful and constant estrus detection.

The main factor that causes low fertility is the inability to detect estrus. Farmers who keep on failing to detect estrus and even when they do detect estrus are unable to inseminate successfully can rely on Actimoo; after attaching Actimoo’s activity meter to your animal’s neck, the activity meter monitors your animal’s activity, and, when an animal is in heat it instantly detects it and informs the farmer via SMS or e-mail.

The most crucial part of the productivity cycle of livestock; is the reproduction efficiency of animals. To achieve successful insemination, the farmer should detect when the animal is in estrus at the right time. Actimoo allows farmers to track the movements of their animals at any time as well as Actimoo assists farmers from the starting moment of the estrus cycle until the right time to inseminate.

To install and use Actimoo, there is no need for additional infrastructure and internet access. A single gateway is sufficient to collect all the required data. With the mobile application, which you can download to your smartphone, you can view the graphics in the system and be aware of the movements of the cows easily. For those who might get the impression that Actimoo system/smartphone application would be too complicated to use and understand, Actimoo reassures the farmers that our main aim is to make their lives easier with a long-lasting product.


Reduced Costs, Increased Profitability!

Did you know that missing just one estrus costs at least €185? How much would you lose if you have a farm with 50 cows and fail to detect three estruses per cow for a year? At least €27,750 a year!

It Detects Sub Estrus

There can be a lack of estrus behavioral symptoms. The activity meter detects sub estrus thanks to its highly sensitive receptor capabilities. To achieve insemination at the right time we notify you with a SMS & e-mail.

Suitable for Heifers

Actimoo’s system can be used in farms of all sizes without the need for a milking parlor, also it is your biggest aid to inseminate your heifers in a short period of time.

Access to Estrus Symptoms at Your Fingertips!

Studies show that usually estrus starts at night. With Actimoo’s independent working feature, you will receive a timely warning before your cows arrive to the milking parlor.

A Reliable Assistant to Protect the Health of Your Herd!

Timely insemination improves your animal’s quality of life. In cases of miscarriage and unsuccessful inseminations by the next estrus you can confirm such cases. Having healthy herds results in successful insemination.

Pregnancy Without Hormonal Applications!

Without the need for synchronization, timely estrus detection is possible with Actimoo.


  • A system that is easy to install. Attach the activity meter to your animal’s neck. Plug the gateway in.

  • Useable without the need for additional hardware.

  • The activity meter can be used for more than one cow.

  • In cases of pregnancy in animals that have the activity meter attached to it, you can use the same activity meter on another animal.

  • It provides 24/7 continuous monitoring and notifies the customer instantly via SMS & E-mail.

  • Monitoring the estrus of your animals which has the activity meter on them is done easily on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with our application that is available on iOS and Android operating systems.

  • Actimoo’s Hardware and Software are under a 3-year warranty.