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Insemination On Time

Actimoo is your new assistant to catch the silent heat, to inseminate in right time and to sense the abort.

Fully Compatible

Compatible with whole mobile machines, milking parlors etc. Installed in just 10 minutes.


No Need To Note Down

Your herd is under the control of Actimoo, online. You don’t have to write down dates of insemination, birth or the control.

All Process Is Well In Hand

Actimoo and MilkingCloud take care of the entire process, including heat, insemination, yield of milk and treatment.

Insemination On Time

With the seasonable insemination you may improve your profit by maximizing the yield of milking and breeding.



Actimoo is the leading brand in the husbandry technologies industry. Actimoo specifically has its name on the realistic solutions for Anatolian farmers.

Actimoo is found with perennial tough work by this dynamic team, consisting of young and energetic engineers whose strength is drawn by Anatolia. We hit this road, believing in our engineers to meet the needs of our farmers, and what we went through is the exhibition of our difference. Weariless and relentless spirit of a researcher, a team of idealistic field engineers instead of plaza workers, and working inside the farms…

Actimoo is produced for you. It is not for gigantic industrial farms, but who contributes efforts and make money out of farming business, alike you. It is an ease to get, easy to set, and let it keep an eye on your herd, in your instead.

As for Actimoo, the quality begins where you are at ease. The purpose of our quality policy is your trust in the Actimoo Technology. Quality begins with your pleasure, we suppose.

Actimoo Quality Policy is designed and driven by customer satisfaction. This bodily term of quality not only means our products, but also the quality of our support and services. The main goal here is to enjoy working with this friendly brand.

More specifically Actimoo defines the quality as these Basic Quality Principles:
"To keep our customers pleased by providing target-driven and healthy products, devices, services and supports as much as their needs."

Actimoo, focused on meeting your needs and life, directly aims at the yield increase. The quality of after sales services is the main element of high efficiency and the true pleasure The Actimoo team is as close as your phone and always ready to help and ensure the technology services that your products provides you..

The complete customer satisfaction is where in our service approach and policies based on. With the help of our Care Service, whose promote method does aim seeing happy customers, you can focus on your animals one and only.

  • Harun Sürgüveç Farmer, Gölbaşı, ANKARA

    We used to try to understand the heat by observing. Actimoo – Heat Watch is a trustworthy support for us. Automation is so easy to get used to.

  • Prof.Dr. Adnan ŞEHU Veterinary Faculty, Ankara Üniversity, 2009

    In the very beginning day of project, I stood facing qualified and willing engineers. I always witnessed how successful they are in bringing the matters into solutions all the time. They made their way to a worldwide brand in a very limited time and they deserve this huge success.