With the pedometer attached to the neck of the animals, the activity of your cows is monitored automatically at any time of day and night. The data obtained from the pedometer is evaluated via the receiving antenna and the heat statement is reported to the mobile phone. Pedometers must be attached to the animal at least for 5 days in order to detect heat for an animal. When the pedometer is attached to a cow, the process is completed for the first 5 days to learn that animal\'s normal activity. After the first five days, you will automatically receive heat messages whether if a heat occurs.
Once a pedometer has been attached to an animal, it is not a recommended practice to immediately attach another animal as soon as the heat message comes. Instead, the same animal must remain attached for about a month, so that the second heat must be monitored. After that month if there is any heat SMS for same animal, the pedometer can be attached to another. The most important operation when attaching to another animal is to report that attachment. The pedometer will then re-enter the new animal learning mode and will analyze the behavior of the new animal for the first 5 days. You can do this by either holding the activation key to the pedometer for 5 seconds or by resetting the pedometers via the mobile phone application.
Even if the pedometer catches a heat event in a cow, after 6 hours of assurance, the message is sent to the user. In this way, incorrect information is prevented. You may have caught up the heat by following yourself personally before the pedometer message about whether an animal has become in heat. In such cases, you can decide more easily by looking at the animal\'s movement chart from your computer or mobile application on your mobile phone.

Pedometer is prepared to take as much as our farmers have taken our antennas according to their needs.

Package Contents

  • 1 Actimoo Pedometers
  • 1 Collar(s)