How come your Actimoo Pedometer works?

Your Eye on the Herd
Actimoo, your best company on the keep watch for heat, does automatically record the daily moves that your animals make every day. While the heat, Actimoo directly gets in touch with you. If birth date and other info of the animal match the records, and if no general mobility has detected in herd, you get notified via SMS immediately.

Successfully Expanding Your Herd
Successful farmers get a heifer out of each cow, every year. Only right insemination ensures your yield of milk. And only an efficient heat watch can ensure you the right insemination. Besides, the calving intervals affect the yield of milk. Milk yield decreases while heat.

Dairying is based on getting a heifer every year. If there is no proficient breeding, then there is no profitable husbandry. If the term extends 1 year, the daily loss is measured as approximately €3 (Milk = ~€0.3). Aftermath the 45-60 days following the birth, every wasted heat costs €150. Actimoo keeps this cost away.

Direct Income with ActiMoo
Considering the feeding costs nowadays, thanks for yield of milk, the breeding gets more and more important everyday. The insemination costs increases because of the missed heats. (Statistically, 13-30% of cows are inseminated in wrong period)

The Heat Watch with ActiMoo
Actimoo, watches daily mobility of your animal all time. Actimoo detects the heat with the herd mobility data, which is collected from three axes, and efficient analyzing skills. Pedometer device records the movements of the animal according ro a specific algorithm. On certain times, It transfers the data through the antenna system. This system works all day long. When the data arrives, computer compares these with the older information and decides whether it’s heat or not. So the heat is checked all the time. In case the symptoms show up, 3G technology does immediately notify you via SMS or e-mail.

Pedometers are placed on the neck of animals. Not only step numbers, the pedometers have the entire movement detection. Thus, it detects movements of animals hold own position also. This method is highly efficient as a helper to observation method.