Estrus at Night

Merve Demirtaş



Over 40% of cows have estrus between midnight and 05.00 in the morning. It is inconvenient and labor-intensive for farmers to monitor their cows within this five-hour timeframe constantly.
The most successful and practical way to detect nocturnal estrus is to monitor cows for 15 minutes at 02:00 at night. When you monitor the cows at some point fairly close to the middle of this challenging time slot, your chances of detecting activity will increase. However, it is not always possible to assign a qualified person to monitor all the cows in a herd for night heat.
A few suggestions for tracking estrus at night
  • 1. Take time to monitor the cows for 15 minutes between 00.00 – 05.00 at night, preferably at around 2 am.
  • 2. You can set up a camera system to record your cows’ activity at night. However, if you wait until the morning to watch the footage, you will likely miss the insemination time.
  • 3. You can buy an estrus detection system that automatically monitors your cows, which means you will be able to track every cow in your herd during the day and at night. You will also receive a notification on your mobile each time one of your cows is ready for insemination, which will save you a significant amount of time and money. Choosing this easy-to-use, efficient technology will allow you to optimize efficiency with the breeding part of your operation and increase your farm’s overall productivity.
It is clear that a reliable estrus detecting system must include sufficient measures for detecting whether individual cows are on heat during the night. When it comes to nighttime estrus detection, Actimoo Estrus Tracking Systems is the preferred product for many livestock farmers as it successfully detects silent heat, and automatically reports the accurate starting time of estrus in individual cows with conveniently notifies the farmer via e-mail or SMS.