The use of the pedometer in the foot poses problems such as difficulty in fitting, short product life and harm to the animal. ACTIMOO recommends attaching the pedometer to the animals’ necks.

Each animal’s movement is different. To get to know the animal, you need to watch for a certain time. Within 5 days the pedometer is ready to detect the estrus.

ACTIMOO tracks your animal’s mobility. During the estrus the mobility of animals increases Increased mobility in hidden estrus is detected and recorded even if you do not recognize it. The success of ACTIMOO varies depending on farm standards and animal health. The ideal farm success rate is over 80%.

Installing ACTIMOO is a very simple process. The breeders can easily set up without assistance. The ACTIMOO User Manual and Installation Information included in the box will guide you through the installation.

If the animals are tied constantly, this will reduce the increase in mobility due to estrus. It can be used, although it may affect the diagnostic success of estrus. It is not a problem for animals tied for milking.

Yes, the product is used in heifers other than milking animals. Since it is a system that works without the need for an existing milking parlor, its usage area is available.

ACTIMOO follows the estrus of your animals. It can not detect the location since it does not have GPS feature.

You can use it in another animal by resetting the pedometer after insemination.

ACTIMOO constantly monitors the animal instead of you. The system automatically sends SMS to your mobile phone as soon as it detects estrus. Therefore, you will not need to constantly enter and follow the system.

The ACTIMOO reader comes with GSM SIM Card. There is no need for an extra internet access for the system to work.

ACTIMOO comes with a battery to prevent power failure in the reader. While the battery system is activated during the power outage, it starts to charge automatically when the power is on again. The average battery life of the reader is 6 hours.

The life of the pedometer used is 3 years, depending on the data exchange. Pedometer batteries can only be replaced at the center.

Yes it can be added. 100 pedometers can be used with a single reader.

The communication between the Pedometer and the Reader is directly affected by the environment in which the devices are located. The signal strength weakens on walls with dense metal or very thick metal content. The reader must be mounted where the animals are located.

The first two years after the commissioning of the system are free. In the following years, service will be provided with a monthly charge of 5 TL per pedometer.

The appropriate insemination time will begin after you receive the estrus notification. You should call your veterinarian and have your animal examined.

With the free ACTIMOO Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store you can track the motion graphs of animals.