Starter Pack - 1 Cow

There is one reader antenna and one pedometer in the starter package. The installation of the system does not require any expertise. You should attach the reader antenna to a spot not far from the cows in the barn. You can activate the system by connecting only the power without internet. You can start to use the pedometer by attaching it to the neck of a cow/heifer.
With the pedometer attached to the neck of the animals, the activity of your cows is monitored automatically at any time of day and night. The data obtained from the pedometer is evaluated via the receiving antenna and the heat statement is reported to the mobile phone. Pedometers must be attached to the animal at least for 5 days in order to detect heat for an animal. When the pedometer is attached to a cow, the process is completed for the first 5 days to learn that animal\'s normal activity. After the first five days, you will automatically receive heat messages whether if a heat occurs.

Actimoo Starter package is a new start-up for our farmers. In need of more pedometers, you might buy the Pedometer

Package Contents

  • 1 Actimoo Pedometers
  • 1 Collar(s)
  • 1 Actimoo Antenna
  • 1 Activation Key