Estrus Instantly in Your Pocket with the New Generation Pedometer

One of these innovations is the principle of being able to work without the need for any herd management program. Mobility and changes in mobility are detected by means of a qualified and specially developed radio frequency reader and pedometer and information is communicated directly by mobile phone message.

Custom Made Technology

In order to facilitate the work of our farmers and provide them with innovative solutions, we grow and develop new ideas. Since 2007, we have released products in Hacettepe and METU Technopolis in farming technologies which are revolutionary both for Turkey and the world and we have been approved by many authorities. Our R & D activities continue uninterruptedly in integrating developing technologies into the sector.

Quality that makes your life easier

With a clearer description Actimoo’s basic Quality Principles are "In order to provide continuous satisfaction to its customers, to produce and support adequate and healthy products, devices and services"


As the Actimoo family, our first priority is to strengthen agricultural activities and contribute to the national economy through our products and solutions. Actimoo Quality Policy is designed within the framework of customer satisfaction. Quality is perceived as a whole not only by product quality but also by service and support quality. The main objective is to make a brand that can be friendly with its customers felt by all stakeholders.

Easy Configuration...

The pedometer attaches easily to your animal’s neck. The reader is plugged in. With its own SIM card, ACTIMOO is now available for you without additional hardware.

Ideal for any size farm.

With the starter package you can start with three animals. You can purchase additional pedometer according to your needs.

Possibility to Use the Same Pedometer on Multiple Cows ...

If the animal with the pedometer becomes pregnant, you can use the same pedometer in another animal.

Long Lasting Battery!

3 years battery life with uninterrupted estrus tracking ... Moreover, it is possible to change the battery if necessary ...

7/24 Continuous Tracking and Instant SMS Alert ...

You sleep but ACTIMOO does not sleep, wherever you are ACTIMOO does not miss estrus ...

Free Mobile Application

From mobile phones, tablets and computers with iOS or Android, you can graphically display the movements of your animals with pedometer.